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Create your registration page in 5 steps

Inscribirme is the ideal tool to manage registrations, free (for free events) and very easy to use. Create your registration page in less than 10 minutes and manage your attendees easely.

It's that easy:

1 Register as an event organizer.

Regístrate como organizador en la página. Haz click en el botón “REGISTRARSE” que encontrarás en la esqina superior derecha.

2 Account settings

Complete and configure your profile as an event organizer. More information, more confidence you will generate!

3 Create your event.

Fill out the "Create Event" form. Among other options, you will be able to:

  • Customize form fields
  • Crear eventos públicos o provados
  • Events by invitation
  • Generate discount coupons
  • Generate different types of tickets and prices
  • Choose type of TAX/VAT to be applied in each ticket

4 Real Time Registrations Analytics

In real time you can see the number of attendees in the event and the income generated so far.

5 Set reminders.

You can set automatic reminders and sign-up alerts. In addition, you can configure the system to send reminders to attendees and also receive notifications about the event registration progress.

That easy. Want to try?

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