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Cashless system

  • The cashless system allows event organizers to sell products associated with the event such as food, beverage, transportation, or other paid products or services.
  • The participant of the event can buy these products at the time of purchasing their ticket or registration, and also buy them afterwards and recharge them.
  • Then the organizer only has to scan the same QR code on the ticket to discount the purchase that is consumed and know whether or not it has products pending consumption.
  • The great advantage of our system is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE A WRISTBAND and the participant can buy products whenever they want by simply scanning their QR code or clicking on the recharge link that appears in the confirmation email when they bought the ticket.
  • Thus, the participant has total freedom to buy more products whenever they want without having to wear a wristband or recharge it.

The main advantages of our system in relation to the use of wristbands are:

Cashless Enrollment System Other cashless systems (wristband)
It does not require a wristband with the consequent cost and logistics savings of delivery to the participants It has a logistical cost of customizing, manufacturing and distributing the bracelets
The participant can recharge the QR code on their ticket, with the consequent savings in personnel costs and time Personnel are required to recharge wristbands, POS, etc.
There are usually queues to recharge
The participant knows at all times what he has bought and what he has left The participant must remember what they have bought and the money they hav
It's fast, inexpensive, and flexible (you can create new products on the It's slow (there's usually a queue to recharge, wristbands have to be distributed...), it's expensive and rigid (it's difficult to quickly include new products)
Data associated with the participant profile is available for a subsequent analysis of what each participant has consumed The bracelets are usually anonymous and it is difficult to cross-reference data with profiles
It's eco-friendly, no paper or anything required (you can show the QR with your mobile) Bracelets are required to be manufactured
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